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The Buckle Is Widely Used For Clothes


Buckle according to size, different colors have different types, according to the location and material can choose the appropriate buckle. Convex buckle for the clothes of the placket, concave buckle for clothing in the brocade. When sewing, the use of the line and the method of threading the same way with the hook, Snap Fasteners the initial and the final line of the end of the buckle in the following. In addition, the use of fabric wrapped buckle when the choice of fabric with the same color of the lining or thin material to package.

Hook the handling method

Hook with size, shape, color and other different types of use to consider the location and function were practical. A small hook made of metal wire that handles a splicing seam. The control of the hook on the side of the placket is within the completion line, and the loop is on the side of the lapel. For small hooks, Snap Fasteners there are loops in the lining. The method of suture is the same as the method of locking the eye.

The nail method is the same as the method of locking the buttonhole, pull down when the cable is pulled, and the last line is cut under the buckle.

Can simply unlock the buckle in the market for sale, lift button and lock button and nail button compared to both fast and convenient. In contrast to the buckle, the concave in the placket, Snap Fasteners convex in the breasted. In the case of thin cloth, apply the fastening fastness of the non-woven lining in the position of the buckle. In addition, when the seam to avoid the open line and seam where the gap.

The fastener and the button buckle are widely used for the joint parts of clothes, bags and the like, and are fixedly fastened to the cloth on the side of the joint, and the mother is fixed on the cloth on the other side The user presses or disengages the cylindrical or cylindrical protrusions of the male fastener with the cylindrical protrusion receiving portion of the female fastener, thereby opening and closing the cloth. In the buckle, there is a sudden release of the male button when the user pulls off the male button with respect to the mother, Internal rotation (rotation), so that the public buckle relative to the mother buckle rotation and loss of pulling force, Snap Fasteners it is difficult to unlock the public buckle situation. In addition, for example, when a user wearing a garment with a button is engaged in a normal operation such as an active body, a relative rotation occurs between the male fastener and the female fastener. In order to improve the self-kick button as described above (the buckle action) when the public buckle buckle relative to the mother buckle rotation and difficult to solve this point, you can consider to take the limit of the public buckle - mother buckle between , But in this case, the relative rotation between the male jeeps accompanying the usual movement of the user wearing the clothes with the fastening is also limited The However, if the rotation between the buckle belts accompanying the usual use of the action is not allowed, the cloth portion or the buckle itself at the periphery of the holder may be damaged.

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