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Apparel Rivets Highlight The Personality Characteristics


With the diversification of modern costume design aesthetic expression, clothing rivet elements as a design element in the clothing structure and decoration in the clever use of more and more common, but also broke the people's visual routine, bring people a refreshing feeling and become a senior Custom clothing design and application of indispensable elements and rich clothing design expression.

First, the overview of clothing rivets

Clothing rivets are the first wooden or bone studs used in the manufacture of mechanical accessories, in the riveting in the use of their own deformation or surplus connected riveted metal parts, human difficult to expect clothing rivets will be able to be so today Widely used in the production of life, machinery manufacturing, clothing, fashion and other fields. Apparel used in the field of clothing rivet size specifications are relatively small, Clothing Rivets functional clothing rivets on the clothing rivet itself bearing pressure, ruggedness, wear resistance and so have some requirements, and decorative clothing rivets are relatively lower requirements. Clothing and clothing rivets classification in accordance with the cross-sectional shape, common round, square, diamond, triangle; in accordance with the three-dimensional shape, common cylindrical, conical, hemispherical and a variety of design modeling; according to color, common gold, silver, , Red, according to the needs of clothing design and choose the appropriate clothing rivet style, material, specifications, color and so on.

Second, Clothing Rivets the application of clothing rivets on the aesthetic characteristics of clothing

1. practicality aesthetic. Clothing rivets can match the clothing first and foremost depends on its practicality. For the living environment, the need for climate factors, so that clothing can better protect the human body, to resist damage; according to the workplace, the choice of clothing rivets generally more will take into account its ruggedness and wear resistance, easy Activities and ease, and conducive to improving labor and work efficiency; Clothing Rivets from the design point of view, the size of clothing rivets to take full account of the practical beauty of wearing the United States.

2. Decorative aesthetics. The decorative application of the costume rivets in clothing is the best interpreter of the five forms of the line, the face, the body, the space, the design of the language through the expression, to reach a single garment rivet with the overall costume rivet design, Clothing overall, clothing rivets pattern design and clothing design theme at the same time, so that the color of clothing rivets and clothing overall color harmony balance, as the characteristics of clothing design and focus.

Third, the clothing rivets elements in the high fashion design of the decorative language to explore

1. Apparel rivets in high-end clothing in the decorative modeling techniques. The art of clothing is the art of man, the use of clothing rivets decorative modeling purposes is to be able to better shape the aesthetic image, Clothing Rivets for the body to avoid weaknesses, to better convey the overall style of the wearer, through more sophisticated, accurate Design and production techniques to achieve to make up, modify the body proportion, color and other unsatisfactory restrictions in the high-level custom clothing design, it is even more important. The use of split line shape, location and number of different combinations to form a different shape. For example, in the public line and the location of the waist inlaid shiny diamond clothing rivets, knitted fabrics can be retractable, Clothing Rivets excellent flexibility and extensibility, wearing a prominent chest and waist beauty, clothing rivets just right in this, twists and turns Reflect the curve of women, conform to the curve of the body structure. In addition, the use of small pieces of diamond diamond, square clothing rivets, raised to the chest under the waist of the ultra-high waist design, so that the body lower body vision was stretched, lower abdomen was disguised, chest under the circumference was tightened at the same time make the chest more Full, not only to achieve the general high waist line to cut the lines, Clothing Rivets to bring out the beautiful female body curve, more is to enhance the elegance of the wearer and looming luxury.

2. Apparel rivets in the high costumes in the decorative exaggerated approach. Apparel rivets in the decoration of the exaggerated approach to the application, is one of its prominent personality characteristics. Commonly used in the overall clothing, local shape, the original state and characteristics of amplification, reduce, resulting in visual strengthening and weakening. In the extreme trend of the exaggerated design process there are numerous types, select the most appropriate state of the application of the application of the design, is the key to the design of clothing rivets, exaggeration in addition to modeling, the clothing rivet decorative details and the combination of different fabrics exaggerated But also more common, the use of combination, overlap, transformation, movement, Clothing Rivets deconstruction and other means, different parts and details of the level, thickness, length, thickness, severity, soft and hard and other aspects of extreme exaggeration, through art exaggeration to make the original form Change, so that it meets the design theme of positioning, but also to achieve a form of beauty effect.

3. Clothing rivets in the high-level clothing in the decorative rhythm, rhythm techniques. Rhythm, rhythm was originally the term in music, refers to the music of the continuous tone, between the level of sound and sound and the length of the interval reflected in the continuous singing of the feelings. In the midpoint of the visual arts, the line, the surface, the body to a certain interval, the direction of the law according to the law, due to repeated, continuous movement also produced rhythm. Combined with clever use of clothing style to obtain a unique rhythm beauty. Whether it is mild, such as round clothing rivets or sharp, such as conical clothing rivets; golden high-profile, silver introverted and black mystery; a small area of embellishment to a large area of the rhythm and rhythm is clever use of the results. Moreover, the use of ethnic elements to make clothing rivet pattern also presents the beauty of national rhythm.

Fourth, the conclusion

Clothing rivets style, material, pressure, size, color and other fabrics, materials, structure, technology, creative themes such as the collision caused by the spark, brought clothing and clothing and advanced custom clothing design with a fresh feeling The Apparel Rivet Elements Decorative Techniques in Advanced Customized Garment Design: Decorative Styles, Common and Advanced Decorative Decorative Practices, Decorative Rhythms, Rhythms, Designed to provide a regular means of creation, clothing rivets freely walk in the different custom clothing, for the senior set of clothing design into a new concept and creativity, and give its distinctive flavor and fashion-oriented fashion The

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